So as some of you may be aware, a few weeks ago I went to Disneyland Paris for Isra’s first birthday, and I have finally found some time to tell you all about it!

The price:

We booked the tickets together (three adults and 1 infant) therefore I do not know the individual prices, but altogether it cost around £1200 for the tickets and accommodation so that would be about £300 each for four days and three nights – we booked them through Thomas Cook and they provide a great service. They went through everything clearly and personally called the hotel as I had a few queries about the stay such as laundry service.

The park:

Our package included passes for the park therefore we went there every day. To be honest, I wasn’t extremely impressed with it as I felt like I was in any other theme park – It didn’t have the ‘magical’ feel to it that I was expecting.

I think the best bits about the park was the parade which was done extremely nice – this takes place every day at around 5.30 and last around 15 minutes.

The other thing I really enjoyed was the fireworks show which also takes place every night, at around 8.30 – the entire castle is lit up and it was all so beautiful.

The hotel:

We booked a family room in Kyriad and to be honest they provided a very good service for the price we paid. We got a bunk bed, a double bed and a crib for Isra which worked well for us. The only thing I didn’t like about this hotel was that although they provided breakfast, they didn’t do lunch or dinner – the only thing they did have was a buffet service which started at around 5 which wasn’t very ideal.


The food:

We really struggled with lunch and dinner at the park! Most places closed at around 6 so we had to have dinner quite early but that wasn’t our main issue. The real problem is that as Muslims we had to go for vegetarian options as halal meat wasn’t available, but there were hardly any vegetarian options besides side salad! We found it hard to even find chips in most of the places.

Isra‘s birthday:

For Isra’s birthday, we decided to have lunch at Auberge de Cenderillon which is a table service restaurant in Fantasyland. The main reason we chose this even though the set menu wasn’t very ideal for us was because this was a fancy restaurant where Princes and Princesses dine and we really wanted Isra to see all of them of her birthday. We also managed to order a cake for her which was great.


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