Isra’s 1st Birthday

Hi all! My niece Isra turned one this week, and so for the last couple of months I have been trying to put together a few gifts together. I thought this would be really easy, but then I realised that I didn’t want to buy toys or clothes – she has lots of toys and I always buy her clothes so I wanted to do something different for a birthday gift. I ended up getting really confused, as this didn’t really leave me with a lot of options – I wanted to get a nice big box and fill it with lots of little gifts, but it was tough to think of unique ideas. I finally managed to buy a few bits and bobs, and I thought I’d share them with you all.



I used Pinterest for some ideas and many of the results came up as books-  I thought this was a good idea, as you know ‘early learning’. I came across this personalised book The little girl who lost her name (they also do boy ones).

dscn0049The way it works is that the character of the book loses her name and then meets different characters who all give her a letter each leading to her name. I thought it was a really cute idea, and I just had to buy my Issy one.

I also bought a few learning board books, because well I got a good deal on them and I think it’s a good way to enhance learning.

Open When letters:

I have seen these all over the internet and I have always wanted to do them for someone. So when Isra finally came along, I definitely wanted to write these up for her. I know she is still a bit young for these, but they relate to events throughout her life, so I thought it made sense to give them for her first birthday. If you want to have a sneak peek through the letters and what I put inside them, you can check out my blog post dedicated to the letters.

Sensory book:

I saw this idea from Nurture Store and I just had to have a go and making one of my own. It was dead simple, and I think it’s a cute little keepsake. If you want to know how to make one, you can check it out here.



I tried to limit myself on these, because as earlier mentioned Isra has a lot of toys already and I wanted to buy her more meaningful things. I thought these three were pretty cool though as they are educational


Again, I tried not to buy many of these, but I just knew I would end up with a few clothes! I bought her some lovely skirts, and I then decided to buy her matching tops. I ended up finding a cute mini shopper bag that also matches the outfits, and has her initial in glitter. I also found some really cute hair pins that I just had to buy. Lastly, I found a lovely Minnie Mouse coat which of course I couldn’t help myself buying!

Quiet/ busy books:

This was so hard to make, and I had multiple breakdowns whilst making this. I am absolutely rubbish at sewing, so then I attempted to use a glue gun which was a nightmare for many reasons – mainly because the glue dried up straight away which gave me absolutely no time to actually stick it on. I then tried several glues such as wood glue, PVA glue but the felt just soaked it in! After having spent so much money on just the materials itself (let’s not forget the time and patient it also took) I was beginning to give up, when finally I found a tub of really expensive but effective fabric glue! It was still a pain as the glue took 24 hours to dry, which meant I could only do one double page at a time.


I bought this one gift just all of a sudden – we went Disneyland Paris for four days and three nights to celebrate Isra’s birthday, and it just sort of made sense to buy her a souvenir.

The gift box:

I wish I could take some credit for this one, but honestly my dad very kindly put this one all together all by himself. My dad works a lot and only has Sundays off so it took him a while to make but it was so worth it!



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