Share Your World #34

What is your favourite comfort snack food?

As a snack, I would have to go with chocolate. Or Jaffa cakes because they’re the best!

Is the paper money in your possession right now organised sequentially according to denomination and with the bills right side up and facing the same way?

I hardly ever have cash me – I always do online shopping or then use my card. In my defense, if I have money on me, I’m more likely to spend it all (that too in one go) because I hate loose change. I do strangely have some paper money in my purse currently, and so the answer to this question is no – I just stuff everything in my purse because I am always in a hurry.

If you were a mouse in your house in the evening, what would you see your family doing?

We don’t really have any traditions in my house – we all come home from back at different times therefore we all eat at different and we also sleep at different times, so we don’t do things together in the evening as a family.

Would you rather not be able to read or not be able to speak?

This is such a hard question, because I do love reading but I also cannot stop talking (my friends and colleagues wish I could!) but I would pick not being able to read. Only because I could find ways around this like audio books or something. But wait! How would I read text messages then…?


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