How to live a stress free life

Part of living means to come across with stress – whether it be from work/ education or relationships. Sometimes stress is good because pressure can work as a motivational factor for example when you have tight deadlines to meet. However if you find yourself constantly in a stressful mood, there may be some problems and here are a few tips to get rid of stress:


Remove stressors

Certain things make us feel crappy and bad about ourselves so if you know what triggers your stressful mood, try to remove them from your life or at least distance yourself for as long as possible. Stressors are often things that we are not committed towards so the lack of motivation causes stress however it’s not always easy to get rid of these. For example, if certain friends and family are causing you stress maybe you need to distance yourself from them – there’s nothing more depressing than staying in a toxic relationship which puts you down. If it’s a family member, communication is key and you should attempt to talk it out and resolve issues where possible.


Be more conscious of the world around you and learn to appreciate the little things. Perspective means everything, so you can also learn to be grateful for things you don’t have – try to look at those who have less than you to help you realise what you truly have.

Embrace positivity

Think positively by getting rid of negative thoughts – mediating is a great way to do this for some inner peace. Consider your interactions with others too and speak (and listen to) good words only. To create a proper change it is also important to practice what you preach so model positive behaviours.


If you feel stressful and that too regularly, it is important to talk to others and be honest about your feelings. Your friends and family are your fans and they are there to support you and love you. You may also require professional help, therefore it is paramount that you accept your situation.


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