Share Your World #32 and #33

OMG life in general has been so busy lately (thanks to work, family life and holiday planning), that I completely forgot to do the SYW last week! So in this post, I will be doing both this week and last week.


If you could have an endless supply of any food, what would you get?

At first, I was going to say Indian food, but I already eat that pretty much every day, and the way I interpret this question, it’s asking to identify a luxury food item, once that’s not easily available. So I will go for macrons – I just love the way they look so cute and posh, and they taste go good, I could have them for breakfast with coffee, and I could also eat them after lunch/ dinner as desert. Life with endless supply of macrons would be so good.

 What is the worst thing you ate recently?

My packed lunch – literally. I am a really fussy eater and I don’t like to use the office microwave (in my defense I worry too much about cross-contamination) so mum always has to think of things which don’t need warming. Since I don’t like most food items (no fruits or vegetables please) I literally have sandwiches or fried Indian savouries every day! And to be honest I am getting so sick of it. To put things in perspective, imagine this: Monday= cheese sandwiches, Tuesday =egg sandwiches, Wednesday = cheese sandwiches, Thursday –egg sandwiches, Friday = cheese sandwiches.  This went on for a couple of months until I decided I could no longer do this and told my mother to please found an alternative. And now, for the last couple of weeks, all I have been having for lunch every day is fried stuff and I don’t think I can continue… *rant over*

You are comfortable doing nothing? For long stretches of time?

If by doing nothing you mean just sitting on the sofa watching crappy TV, then yes I can do this, no problem! If you mean literally doing nothing, I am not so sure. To be honest, our brain is always thinking (you can never not think) so I don’t think I can do ‘nothing’ in the literal sense.

List of jobs you think you might enjoy:

Love this question, because I always fantasize about cool posh jobs that I would love to do if I had the patience, experience or skills. Here’s a few I can think of on the spot:

  • Teacher
  • Supermarket/ bakery owner
  • Model (like an Indian bridal hair and makeup one)
  • Events organiser
  • Lawyer
  • Childminder
  • Actress
  • Journalist



Would you travel into outer space?

Most definitely, it would be a lovely experience

Which country/ city in the world (that you have never been to) would you most like to visit and why?

This is such a hard question because I like most countries and want to go explore the world but I have only been India and Turkey (and going Paris soon!) so I have a long list of countries that I would like to visit! If I could only pick one, I would go for Saudi Arabia purely for religious reasons.

What could you do to breathe more deeply today?

I think I just need to take out some time for me

Complete this sentence: The creamy peanut butter sandwich could really use some..

… Nutella obviously. Because Nutella is good. And Nutella tastes good on bread.

Bonus question: what are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I am really grateful for colleagues who went on holiday! I have had such a big work backlog for ages and since many people are away, the office has been really quite, which has given me the opportunity to finally catch up. In the week coming up, I am looking forward to holiday shopping! I have started to pull together a list and once I get a suitcase I can start shopping for clothes 🙂


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