Never Give Up

What a cliché title to use Nazmin. Anyway, I’m just going to get right into it today. This one’s all about never loosing hope, because well, you just never know….
So it’s story time here- as you guys may already know, I currently work in admin and have been in this job this January. But not many people know how I got my job, in terms of my interview itself.

Well, on the day of the interview, I was up all ready early in the morning. I caught the bus (I don’t drive) and I was well aware of the area as I had worked in the office next door a year ago. So anyway, I’m all prepared with the bus number and timings and whatever, so early in the morning, with all my documents off I go.

I’m sitting on the bus, and about halfway through the journey, I realise I am on the wrong bus. Yes, ON THE WRONG BUS. I figured it out because like I mentioned earlier, I used to catch this bus not long ago. So I go up to the bus driver to double-check and ask is this the 50 and he says no this is the 52.

I did think about getting off then and there and catching a bus from the opposite side but there were two problems: 1) I didn’t know where the hell I was and 2) the bus would take about twenty minutes to arrive.

By now, I am very close to my allocated interview time and I’m getting very nervous. I think of what to do and ask the driver if he will be going to Sainsburys- a supermarket not far from the office, and he says yes. He also advises me to call the office to let them know that I am running late, and guess what? I HAVE NO CREDIT.

By this time, I have completely lost hope, and I plan on not going to the interview at all. What I was going to do instead, was drop off at Sainsburys and then catch a bus back to town.

Luckily I decided that since I was at Sainsburys anyway, I might as well top up to get it out the way- so I take a look at my phone and notice a missed call from the recruiting manager. Naturally, I feel guilty and call them back.

I was half expecting them to say don’t bother, but I explained my situation and to my surprise, she asked when I would be there by. I confirmed again whether the interview could actually still go ahead (I didn’t think it would seeing as I was so late, I mean such a bad impression) but she said yes and so I went for it.

The interview went well and fast (I talk incredibly fast) and although I did think I did a good job, deep down I knew I wouldn’t get the job because of being late. I remember my sisters asking me how it went, and I told them what happened- their immediate response was you’ve blown your chance.

Anyway, imagine my delight when the same day, she called me in the evening to say I got it! I was dead pleased!!

After that, things ran as usual- I got my references sorted, I started the job, life just went on. But at the back of my mind, I always wondered why I had been chosen. I mean I was so damn late and I hadn’t even bothered to call up and let them know, so why?

Now, to the present- we are currently recruiting for another post and so the other day, my manager and I were talking about interviews. I casually mentioned my interview and asked how the hell I even landed the job.

My manager then went on to explain that initially, she hadn’t even wanted to interview me after knowing I was late, but when I rang, the interview panel thought they might as well seeing as I have finally arrived.

What I love is this next part- my manager went on to say that to start off with, they had a negative attitude towards me, but by the end of the interview, my witty personality managed to warm their hearts. She went on to explain that their thought behind recruiting me was that if I could change their perspective in a couple of minutes, I could do that will all colleagues and in essence that means I’ll get along with everyone.

So yeah, whilst everyone gives out that long list of interview tips, don’t follow them all and instead just do you (that does NOT mean I recommend coming in late!). I mean even if you think you have messed up, just go ahead and finish the entire process because you just don’t know and your positive attitude may change minds!


4 thoughts on “Never Give Up

  1. Sometimes you just need to be lucky enough 😛

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