My Geek Box Review

So, we’ve all seen adverts for this subscription box somewhere or the other on the internet (mainly Facebook). In case you’ve never heard of it, My Geek Box is a mystery subscription box of goodies which are sent out monthly. As that description suggests, the items are mystery, so you don’t know what you’re expecting, but I thought it would be a safe bet, because as the company suggest, they ‘offer you a haul of unique and rare novelty items, in addition to our signature limited edition T-shirts’. Sounds pretty cool huh?


So I always had my eye on this one, but never bothered to sign up, as I’m not sure whether I even like ‘geek goodies’ and whether I was willing to commit to a monthly subscription. The idea of it all being a mystery was both interesting and daunting for me, because although I like surprises, I like to know what I’m paying for.

And then one fine day, I saw a post on Facebook from a page which specialises in advertising discounts and coupons and there it was – the perfect offer. My Geek Box was giving out the next kids box for HALF PRICE. Yes you read that right, half price – so of course I wasn’t going to let go of the opportunity! You read it right in regards to kids box too – I know, I know, but I couldn’t possibly let go of the offer, and since I am a child at heart, I’m bound to like the contents right?

I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a scam first so I read through comments to see if anyone had actually bought the product and whether there were any problems. There seemed to be enough positive feedback to sell it to me, and people also mentioned that it was easy enough to cancel the subscription – just email them straight after.

So there I was like an eager child – I made the order and then proceeded to cancel my subscription (the first thing I did was delete my bank account details from the website because they had the information stored). Now since my complaint (you knew it was coming) is regarding customer service, I’m going to have to be quite specific about the dates – I initially ordered the box on 15th April, and I sent the first message through their website to cancel on the same day. I received a message the next day, stating I could not cancel as the first box has not been yet dispatched.

I waited for a few days and then contacted them through the website again on 25th April saying that I would like to delete my account and not receive any further boxes. I received a message back from them on the same day to say ‘’once this has been dispatched, we will be more than happy to cancel this for you, please keep in mind we have a 14 day cool of period from when the subscription gets dispatched to cancel your subscription’’.

I was getting a little annoyed with using the contact form on their website, as I would have preferred to speak to someone who could brief me properly. So on 26th April, I messaged the company through Facebook (I believed they may have a faster response rate) to ask whether there was any number I could call. They said no, and asked whether there was anything they could help with so I explained the situation again.

I was given the same response that I would have to wait until the box was dispatched, so I asked for the estimated dispatch date – they said 15 to 20th of May. I thought that was ridiculous anyway because it means I would have to wait at least a month from the date I ordered – had they specified this whilst ordering, maybe I wouldn’t have been bothered. But anyway, seeing as I only paid £10, I didn’t want to complain much.

So then on the 16th of May, I sent out another message on Facebook, only to get the following message ‘’your box has not yet been dispatched. This is due to be dispatched between 17th-23rd May’’. I was appalled, mainly because why didn’t they let me know from before? Firstly they were sending it to me a month after I had originally ordered (I placed the order on 15th April), and now it was being delayed by another week.

I waited a few more days, and sent out a message on 19th May to ask whether the box had been dispatched yet, when I receive this message ‘’there has been a delay with some of the items for this months box as this is the case we have had to push back the dispatch dates for this months box. If you have not had a dispatch email by 23/05/2016 please do let us know and we will then be able to investigate further for you’’.

I was getting very frustrated by now, and had convinced myself that I was either never going to receive this, or not until the next couple of months. I messaged them on Facebook on the 23rd May as I had still not received any news about this being dispatched. I was told there was a delay, and when I asked whether they could provide me with a specific date as to when the box will be dispatched, I was told ‘’we are not able to provide this date’’.

I then chased this up again on 27th May. I secretly thought they will not process this, and will say that there will a further delay due to the bank holiday weekend. But to my surprise, I received a message back to say it was finally dispatched!  I messaged back immediately to ask them to cancel my subscription, which (to my surprise actually) was processed straightaway.

So to be honest, the cancellation process isn’t very complicated or timely in itself, that is if you are very patient and can actually wait over a month for the box to dispatch.

Anyway, to get to the main bits, today (31st May) I actually received the box. Now, let’s remember that I ordered the kids box, and this is what came inside:

This Frozen (well Olaf) themed light thingy. I am quite impressed with this one if I am honest.

A summer edition Barbie – I think I am only excited about this because (surprise, surprise) this is my first Barbie!


I think this Hello Kitty soft toy is so cute.


Two collectible packet things – there’s an alien and a T-Rex inside.

To be honest, even as a grown up girl, I still pretty much like all of these things. The My Geek Box people did make me wait a lot, but I got a generous amount for my money and all items are in  good condition, so I shouldn’t complain really!


2 thoughts on “My Geek Box Review

  1. That sounds so long and stressful but the box is so cute

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    1. Yeah it was a nightmare, but the goodies are pretty cool

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