My Blue Hair

So I have been wanting to do a post about my hair for such a long time (because I love it so much!) but I just never got round to it due to work, a family wedding and birthdays.

Well now that I have some more time (even though it has now definitely been some time since I actually dyed my hair), I would like to introduce you all to my lovely blue hair. Now, before you ask, let me tell you why I have dyed me hair blue – it seems that this is the first question everyone asks – ”why blue”? Well, the answer to that is simply why not? I mean, it looks nice right?



Well actually, to be honest a few years ago, I was completely obsessed with dying my hair and I started off with red. As dyes go, the colour started to fade and I decided that I didn’t like this, so I started to dye it again as soon as the colour started to fade off – I ended up dying my hair every month for about 6 months, after which I finally decided that I could not possibly continue to damage my hair.

I decided to give my hair the necessary ‘time’ to heal and did not do anything to it – I decided not to cut it either, besides the odd trim here and there. It was during this two/ three year ‘waiting period’, where I came across this Indian actress – she had dark brown with dipped blue hair which was all curled up for the film and she looked so bloody glamorous. I had wanted to dye it then and there but then got all stressed about damaging my hair and all so pushed the thought away.

Then, a few months ago, my sister developed a craze for dying her hair too – she went for red first and then she did gold streaks which was so beautiful. This phase of hers rekindled my love for coloured hair, and I decided that I was finally going to go for it. I was originally going to go for dipped navy, but changed my mind to a more electric blue – streaks in the middle.

The reason why I love this so much is because she had to bleach it first, so when the blue starts to fade, my hair goes all turquoise and green – it makes me think of typical mermaid hair (this is very important for me because if you know me, you’ll know that I am obsessed with wanting to be a mermaid!).


4 thoughts on “My Blue Hair

  1. This is super beautiful!!!! Your hair do look like mermaid now.

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  2. I LOVE THIS! when mine was longer, I did purple and blue and I adored it x

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    1. Thanks! Wow that must have been lovely


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