Share Your World #20

So it’s that time again 🙂 – I absolutely love taking part in this because it means I can do a blog post at least once a week (even though I tend to do one once a day because I just love rambling!) because I have some prompts.

Anyway, here are my answers for this week’s questions:

When do you feel most connected with others?

I think when there’s a certain level of understanding, that’s when you can really connect. I mean, you could have totally different interests, tastes or even beliefs, but what matters is that you understand and appreciate those different between yourselves.

 What daily habit would you like to introduce in your life?

Oh gosh, so many! There are so many things that I know I should do, that I don’t. For example, reading – I do read often but not as much as I should. I am currently reading The Maze Runner – I started reading it in January and read a few chapters and then just kind of gave up. To be honest, I think this is a completely different story though (excuse the pun!) because I am used to reading books in first person and this one is in second person. I also feel like the story isn’t picking up, so I don’t have a lot of interest in it. Water is another good one – I probably don’t even drink one glass a day, let alone eight. I really wish i could introduce this in my ever day life.  Another habit I would like to introduce is walking – I think it would be really nice if I committed to walking at least 30-60 minutes every evening, maybe after dinner.

What one mini-little-adventure would you like to have in the coming week?

Well to be honest, I have had a few ‘adventures’ for the last couple of days – my cousin got married this past weekend (Indian weddings last for days) and since he doesn’t live in this city, we ended up commuting a lot! Then yesterday it was my sister’s 25th birthday, so we decided to go Birmingham for the day so I think I’ve had enough of being spontaneous for the time being. Some catch up on sleep would be good!

List at least of things or events that changed your life:

I think this was supposed to read list a list of things or events, so here goes:

  • My graduation
  • The day my niece was born
  • Reading the Airhead Nikki series – I don’t know what it was about those books, but they were just brill
  • My first bank job – the amount of opportunities that has opened for me, wow.
  • January – March 2016 (for my personal reference)

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