Nurses’ Day 2016

Every single day, nurses worldwide make an extra effort for their patients. 12th May marks Nurses’ Day worldwide, which is your chance to say thank you for all the dedication and care provided – you can do this on social media using #thankanurse.


Nurses’ day takes place on 12th May every year, in honour of Florence Nightingale who was born on this day. In case you’re wondering, Nightingale is famous for the nursing she provided during the Crimean War period. She made hospitals cleaner places and showed people that trained nurses helped sick people to get better. As such, Nightingale is the founder of modern nursing.

Nightingale is often referred to as ‘the Lady with the Lamp’. The reason behind this is at when she was nursing men during the war period, she would often walk around the wards at night to ensure the men were comfortable. She sat down with dying soldiers to give them moral support. She wrote letters on behalf of those who could not write. During these times, she carried a lantern with herself, which is how the title came across.

Has someone from the nursing team such as a nurse, midwife or healthcare assistant made a different in your life? Why not say thank you for the care you or your loved ones received?


3 thoughts on “Nurses’ Day 2016

  1. I could remember a girl named preeti, i called her preeti di . She was just not a nurse but more than that for me.

    I could remember she gifted me a bouquet of flowers at the time of my discharge from hospital and at that time i did not have anything like that to give her so i just gave her my bracelet which i was wearing since last 3 years and she accepted that with full grace.

    Happy nurse day to the nurses all over the world.

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    1. Awww how sweet! thank you for sharing:)

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