Hey guys – hope you are all having a lovely day and looking forward to the weekend! I strongly believe in growth, as I feel like there is always room for improvement. Not just in the sense of being a better person, but also in regards to exploring yourself and expanding your horizon. As such, I believe we should all look for (and implement where possible) ways to self-improve, so here are some tips:

Read: I would suggest reading at least every day, but I wouldn’t personally be able to accomplish that, as I have too many time constraints. Nonetheless, reading is amazing and you should aim to do it whenever you can. You don’t lose anything when you read – you only gain. Like there is so much wisdom you can achieve by reading.

Social media: today’s generation has a real addictive problem with this. Speaking for myself too, people seem to spend so much time on their phones. I mean, of course social media is a good platform to connect and stay in touch with closed ones, but honestly how much time do you need for interaction? Do you need to Snapchat every moment? Must you post everything on Facebook? What happened to spending time with yourself?

Skills: skills are amazing because they are things that you pick up on and can then develop. For example communication skills (since it seems to be so popular!) – we all have some, well to some extent, but wouldn’t we like to extend them? How many of us are really comfortable public speaking after all?

Courses: there is so much knowledge out there, and you need to explore it. If you have other commitments such as family or work, not to worry! There are many short-term courses you can do. For example, I recently joined a three-day residential course on the Psychology of Sex and Gender. I got to learn so many interesting things, and the experience as a whole was amazing.

Exercise: a bit contradictory for me to mention this one, because I don’t bother with exercise myself. But I try to fit a few ‘do-able’ things here and there. It really doesn’t have to be hard-core exercise. I like to go for walks (on your own is always best in my opinion). I also like to blast the music and dance with my pjs on in my room. You see, exercise doesn’t feel like exercise when it’s fun.

Love yourself: nowadays we are so obsessed with being ‘perfect’, that we begin to hate our physical flaws, which doesn’t help our self-esteem. What we fail to understand is, we never made to be perfect. Our imperfections are part of who we are and we learn to embrace this – don’t forget, you are imperfectly prefect.

Journal: you may not all agree with me, but I think having a journal is so important. I like to call mine an art journal because I do lots of drawings in it, and have lots of colour. But if you’re not the artistic type, you could go for writing instead – make it yours. The reason why I really advocate for this, is because I really feel like having a journal where you document life can really give you the opportunity to explore yourself, your goals and what you want from life.

Hobby: try to do more of the things you enjoy because they will boost your mood. But also try to pick up other new hobbies – it can be very fulfilling to try out new things! Some ideas from me: adult colouring and drawing, dancing, music, shopping, exploring on your own.

Pray: I would strongly recommend this to everyone. We often act like we do not have time to pray, but in essence we do. If you’re not very religious or an atheist, you may want to consider mediation. It is always nice to take some time out and ponder on all the things you have been blessed with. It will really change your perspective, especially if you try to compare yourself to someone who has much less than you.

Do give these a try and let me know what you think! 🙂



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