Hello everybody – hope you’re all enjoying some sun, because I for sure am! Anyway, today want to (re)introduce you to my favourite Disney princess: the little mermaid known as Ariel.


I won’t go too much into the story, as I assume you all know it already (who doesn’t know Disney stories?). Anyway, there are many reasons why Ariel is my favourite besides just her physical traits such as her lovely red hair and beautiful fishtail.

I love her independence and curiosity, and the fact that she loves to go on adventures with Sebastian and Flounder. I really relate to this, as I am quite an explorer myself.

Ariel is also the first Disney princess to become a mother – she and Eric have a daughter called Melody. I think this is a very important thing to know as it marks as a historical event.

Although some people argue that Ariel is too devoted to Eric (she did leave her water world for him), I find this very inspiring – the fact that she has such a rebellious personality and can fight for love.

Here are some of my favourite quotes from the film:

Seeing as I am absolutely crazy about mermaids (I told everyone in school I wanted to be one whenever someone asked what I wanted to be when I was older), I think it is only fair to list reasons why being a mermaid is great:

  • Amazing hair
  • No contact with the human world
  • Breathe underwater
  • No need to worry about shoes
  • Mermaids are rare
  • No periods (or pains!)
  • Take showers in waterfalls
  • Swim to any place you wish

Let me know what you guys think of this one – who is your favourite Disney character?

* All pictures are from Google


2 thoughts on “Ariel

  1. Cute article Nazmin! My favourite Disney Princess is Pocohontas… I can definitely relate to her (my hair was once long as hers). She’s brave, down to earth, loveable, curious and fights for what she believes in. She has a strong character and let’s no one stand in her way. ☺

    Disney has been improving their characters lately and also including diverse cultural backgrounds. Last year they announced a new Latina Princess, Elena. Suppose to be debuting this year. But I still prefer the old characters. They all have their unique traits.



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    1. Hi Miri, thanks for your comment- I also think Pocohontas is pretty cool! Yes, I love the way Disney is changing the characters to raise more awareness! But like you, some princesses will remain as classics x

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