Stress Buster: Moodles

So recently, life has been stressing me out a lot, and as such, I have been on the hunt to help myself and relax, when I came across moodles. In case you’re wondering…

Moodles are doodles with the power to change your mood.

All you need is a pen and pencil, imagination and an open mind! Be prepared to delve into to your innermost thoughts ideas and concepts. Uncover your subconscious and lay it bare on paper- admire it, mock it and marvel at it until you feel altogether more relaxed. Let the moodle wisdom penetrate your subconscious and guide you on a magical mental journey. Follow the mark you make, until it’s the end of the line of your stress!

If you’re like me and have NO imagination, you might want to invest in a nice activity book to prompt you and get you started (do you know how popular adult colouring and doodling books are nowadays?!). Anyway, I was rummaging through The Works when I came across these amazing moodle activity books! See below for a sneak peek at some of the pages!



These are VERY reasonably priced at only £2! Another great thing is about these books is that they are a lovely size and can easily fit inside your bag, so you can have a de-stress session on the go! They also do not have specific colour themes (as most activity books do!) which means you can personalise them to suit your style.

I am always looking for MORE activity books (a girl can never have too many!) so if you have found the perfect one, do share details on your buy with me. Also if you purchase any of these moodle books and love them as much I do, please share your thoughts with me!


1 thought on “Stress Buster: Moodles

  1. Ohhhh interesting i need to get one!! 🙂

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