Unicorn Gift Box

Hello guys! Today I will be showing you how to make your very own unicorn gift box (because come on, who doesn’t like them?!)


I wanted to make one for my friend’s birthday as we both are equally mad for unicorns and I stumbled across a guide from Arty Fartsy Mama – I ended up not following this one though, because I did not have the right materials or the patience to wait for glue to dry!

To make a unicorn box, you will need:

  • A cardboard box (I stole a paper box from work ha!)
  • White crepe paper (1 sheet will work fine)
  • White paper (a few sheets)
  • Glitter foam sheets or glitter paper (pick your own colours)
  • Tape
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • A black marker pen
  • Imagination!

To start off, you will need to cover the box. I was only going to wrap the box in white crepe paper, but this was too visible so I decided to use normal white paper first and then I wrapped it with crepe paper first. If you don’t have white paper, you could always use wrapping paper of any kind (just use the back side!). You can also use white tissue paper instead of crepe – depends on what kind of texture you prefer!

You may wish to paint the box, but it can be hard to get all the writing/packaging covered, and means you have to wait for the whole thing to dry…

Tip – if like me, you don’t want to use glue (it does get messy!), wrap the box in a way that the excess comes at the bottom so that’s where you will tape it all so no-one will be able to see it.

After the box has been wrapped, you can get on to the fun bit – the decorating! I started off with the ears which I did on the lid. I cut out an ear shape from pink foam sheets first and then an inner one from grey. Luckily, my foam sheets were like stickers so I didn’t have to worry about gluing them. If your foam sheets/ paper don’t have a sticky side not to worry – Glue will do the trick!

Next I cut out two hearts from red foam sheets and stuck them on the bottom corners – I think these are my favourite piece to be honest.

For the horn, I used some white paper to make a paper cone. I then cut different ribbons to decorate this accordingly – to curl the ribbon you can use scissors or a ribbon curler if you have one!

Tip: stick the ribbon ends to the inside of the cone – this will ensure that it is all stuck together and it will then be easier to stick the whole thing on the lid – to do this, you just need to use some tape.

For the eyes, I again used some of my foam sheets, but you can of course use other materials such as paper or card (if you’re not good at drawing this or want a professional look, you could always print some out from Google). I didn’t have any black paper, so I decided to use a marker for the eyelashes – please be careful when you do this as the crepe paper may move slightly!


And that’s it – all done! This honestly only took me a few hours to do and without having to use any glue or paint, it was so mess free! I absolutely cannot wait to present this to my friend in May!

P.S. let me know what you guys think of this guide and if you have any queries. Also, if you do end up making a similar box, please do share it with me!


8 thoughts on “Unicorn Gift Box

  1. This is very creative and clever! 🙂

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  2. Glamorous_Etoiles April 14, 2016 — 11:48 am

    so cute 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Glamorous_Etoiles April 14, 2016 — 3:42 pm

        Your welcome

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