Boots :)

Hello guys!

So this post is gonna be a quick one about my recent buy which I am in love with.


I bought these suedette block heel ankle boots from Dorothy Perkins and they are AMAZING. They are 100% fabric and the heel height is about 3.5 inches which is great if you (like me!) can’t really walk in really high heels!

I love these firstly because of the colour – natural colours are in fashion at the moment, and this colour means it can be worn in almost any weather and will still make a statement.

I also love the way I can style any outfit with these boots – I can look smart in them at work with a nice shirt but I can glam it up with a dress for night outs!

Another brill thing about these boots is that they are super comfy  -I don’t even feel like I am wearing heels which is so perfect for me. These are also a wide fit which works out amazing for me because I have some awkward feet which is slightly big for a 5 and too small for a 6

I will give you a tip though – invest in some suede protector spray. I didn’t know this even existed but my colleague introduced it to me. You can get a Protector from Clarks which basically protects all kinds of colours and materials from rain and stains.

That’s all from me today – let me know what you think of them 🙂


4 thoughts on “Boots :)

  1. Love your boots, they are so pretty! ❤

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  2. Cute boots Nazmin!!! Very natural colour indeed, goes with anything. I’m actually wearing pair today, mine are navy blue. XoXo

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    1. Thank you! Oooo they sound nice x

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