Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pen Markers Review

Hi all – as the title suggests, today I will be reviewing Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pen Markers. In case you have absolutely no clue, Tombow is a Japanese company specialising in designer writing instruments and original office products, used for illustrations and colouring which give professional results.


The ABT Dual Brush Pen Markers come in a pack of 6, 12, 18, 32 or 96 – I have the box of 18, which features the following colours:

  • Black n15
  • Brown 879
  • Redwood 899
  • Saddle brown 977
  • Burnt sienna 947
  • Red 905
  • Scarlet 925
  • Chrome yellow 985
  • Process yellow 055
  • Willow Green 173
  • Green 296
  • Sea Green 346
  • Cobalt blue 535
  • Ultramarine 555
  • Violet 606
  • Purple 665
  • Rubine red 755
  • Carmine 845

The great thing about these markers is that they have two tips – one side is brush nib tip, whilst the other end is a fine tip which is enough to get a few details and exact lines.

My favourite tip has to be the brush nib tip because it very flexible, like a brush. It is durable and soft so can be easily used to create fine medium or broad strokes.


These markers are water based ink so do not bleed but blend with other pens as you would with watercolours. This is demonstrated in the picture – I used Process Yellow on top of Ultramarine. As you can see, the two colours blended into green; however the blue ink did not actually stain the tip of the yellow marker. However, these markers are not waterproof so I would recommended not to use light colours over dark ones as they may have an effect in the long run.

*If you want to blend out a colour individually, you will need a Blender marker – I currently do not have one but intend to purchase one soon, so if you would like a review on this, please let me know!

The markers are odourless as they are not alcohol based. They are also non-toxic and acid free. Another amazing perk of these markers is that they do not bleed through the back of the page! – this is dependent on the type of paper you use, so I would highly recommend watercolour papers, as this will have the best effects 🙂

These can be very expensive, particularly if you go to buy them from a craft store or Tombow’s official website. I bought my pack from eBay for £28 which I think is a bargain to be honest! Let me know your thoughts on this one! x


10 thoughts on “Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pen Markers Review

      1. I used to,I’m looking into doing this again as a stress relief! I’m super critical,so I threw most of my drawings away!

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      2. I would highly recommend that you get back in to it! Oh dear, I am quite critical too so I tend not to share my work with the world! With that said, there are no mistskes when it comes to art so produce as you wish and be content with it! x

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  1. Im going to have to buy some after your amazing review!!

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    1. Do let me know what you think of them!

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  2. Omg they look amazing!!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. They are, I would deffo recommend them 🙂

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