The Little Turkish Place

Today, I visited Nazar Barbeque , in Leicester, for lunch. Can you believe it we were the only ones there – automatically a weary situation. Isn’t it funny how an empty restaurant almost instantly feels like a put off?? I had never really heard of this place before (another barrier to trying a new places). But the minute you go in, OMG it’s so cute.

Let’s start with my favourite bit: the interior .The restaurant has lovely pretty lanterns, all of different colours, a must for the complete Turkish experience. What caught my eye the most was the shelves on the feature wall, which displayed some lovely vintage books. There was also a typewriter on show which I thought was very unique, including vases and spice jars. Now which Turkish restaurant has that??



The service was great too – the waiter was very helpful and considerate, and our food arrived in fair time. The food was luscious – the chicken and lamb was very nicely cooked, and the spice was just right! The chips were also great – not too thin or fat, and crunchy enough! We had initially intended to order dessert too, but the main courses were just too filling.

If you ever pop by to Leicester and are looking for some nice Turkish food, I would definitely recommend Nazar Barbeque House!


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